The Bike Spares Shop

Welcome to The Bikes Spares Shop

We are a well established motorcycle shop, based in the outskirts of Taunton. The business was started over 20 years ago, and has had its present owners since 1998. Between the two partners and staff, there is more than 80 years motorcycling experience. All three of us have spent most of our post - teenage lives living, breathing, repairing, eating, breaking, falling off, repairing, buying, repairing, MOTORCYCLES.

So there's a huge amount of experience here, go one, give us a try!

What we do:

  • Buy and sell used bikes
  • Offer knowledge and experience of running older bikes that many other shops cannot
    Carry a vast selection of service items and other used parts for many Japanese motorcycles built between 1970 and around the millennium
  • Break bikes built between 1970 and around the millennium
  • Offer full workshop facilities, whether your bike is a 125 or an 1100, we have the experience to fix your problem.
  • Like fixing European bikes

What we don't do:

  • Give coffee
  • Sweep up very often
  • Sell clothing or helmets
  • Clean things terribly well
  • Open on Sunday or Monday
  • Answer the phone before 9:30!